Sexy Shaved Legs

shaved leg

I love when men shave their legs. Bikers do it fairly often. So do swimmers.

It’s funny to see a recreational biker who shaves his legs. Yeah, like he’s really going to go that much faster with his legs shaved! I think they secretly stand in front of the mirror after they shave and admire their sexy legs.

One guy passed me the other day with beautiful legs. Yes, I meant to say beautiful. He passed so fast (must have been the shaved legs) that I didn’t know what sex those legs were until I got a good look. And I thought it was a really muscular woman. Those legs were “shapely”. (I love that vague description) I just wanted to run my lips down them. Maybe not up them, unless I knew the shave job was fresh.

Men who shave their legs get extra manly points in my book for shedding a masculine layer to expose sleeker, softer muscles beneath the gruff exterior.

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  1. Garnet, as a cyclist I shave my legs. The purpose has nothing to do with going faster. For the non-professional like myself, the act is simply one of aesthetics. Shaved legs look right on a bike and hairy legs don’t. Shaved legs feel right on a bike and hairy legs don’t. I have many men who look at my shaved legs (really looking at me) kinda funny like. That’s their problem, not mine. Shaved legs look and feel better than hairy ones. Having said that, one does feel faster with shaved legs, which is an interesting psychological phemon to observe in oneself. 🙂

    On the professional level, cyclists shave their legs for two main reasons. First, they receive daily massages and it’s so much easier to massage shaved skin than hairy skin. Second, if you ride you will crash. Much easier to clean up road rash from a clean shaven leg than the mess you have with hairy legs.

    Sorry for the soapbox. I hear the “how much faster can you go” so much. 🙂

  2. Trée- Thank you for clearing up that myth. I knew my post had a purpose!! The other practical reasons for shaving are also valid. I think swimmer’s shave for speed. But perhaps that is a myth as well.

    For whatever reason, I just think it’s cool to see men shed a layer of symbolic masculinity.

  3. Garnet, after my wife experienced my shaved legs she will tell you she would rather not have it any other way. That’s from both the look and the feel. I would agree too. 🙂

  4. Sleek, shapely legs. I just had to say that. It’s fun to say.

    I know what Tree means when he says he has the perception of going faster. We joke all of the time that when we clean the windshield of our cars the cars go faster. 🙂

    Sleek, shapely legs. Oh. Oh. Oh. Shaved and saved for me.

  5. Well, Trée, you are the exception to the typical male ego, I think. Glad to hear she enjoys them that way. I would probably agree. 😉

  6. Liz, sleek shapely legs. I’ll be dreaming about them tonight. By the way, the photo above is of a woman’s legs, but after looking for 20 minutes I gave up find a photo of a man’s shaved legs. Goes to show you…

  7. (Blushing…)

    Oh my…!

    I had no idea so many men actually shaved their legs too…

    How interesting… But I must confess…

    I do love a man with hair on their legs… Especially after a shower; hair dripping wet… Defining every muscle… Hugging every curve…

    Now that, I find it to be is extremely sexy…


  8. Garnet, when they passed out egos I was in the school yard having fun. Love is love and I see no reason to label it into this and that or you and me. What is love if not love–no more, no less, just love.

  9. Dont know if your posts are more interesting and lovely or the comments.

    I am enjoying every bit of it.

    Tree made such a wonderful statement above, he is gem.

  10. anu- it’s true, my friends keep me on my toes, with their creative and poetic responses. Sometimes I feel a little intimidated, in fact.

  11. Dave,
    Now I know why I like to come by and visit. You are unabashedly daring with reflecting on topics most others would not even consider.
    You make a good point, though, and one well worth considering. Imagine Tarzan with hairy legs. Just doesn’t work, does it. I’m just grateful I’m not a hairy guy, although a little more on the top of my head would be nice.

  12. Scot-I like your kind of feedback. I try not to scare people away with my cheeky ideas. But I’d take Tarzan either way, that’s how daring I’ll let him be.

  13. I liked the shaved leg look on me so as to me getting them lasered.Thats only because I’m getting tired of using up so many razors.I’ll send you a pic of my legs if youd like.Just to see what you thought of them.

  14. I bought an epilator, shaving is awful, it leaves hairs growing back prickly. Got strange looking buying it! Some girls like it, some call me a pervert. The hair on my thighs irritated me, so tried shaving that’s a pain. You need to shave too often! Rownig keeps legs in neat shape, and I rather like to the feel of my legs! 🙂

  15. I bought a sugaring kit years ago to see if I could lengthen time between facial shaves. I always had problems around my adam’s apple. It didn’t pull out any hair. Because I couldn’t return it I tried it on my legs., but got carried away and ended up hairless from the neck down. I loved the feel of it and skin to skin contact is much nicer than having a layer of hair in between. Since then I have maintained a hairless body through shaving, waxing, laser and electrolysis. At this point I have very little hair left on my body and will continue to eliminate it through laser and electrolysis. P.S. I like women.

  16. Hi I shave my legs and glad other men shave their legs also. I also shave my armpits. I have good looking legs and some women have said I have sexy legs. I am a straight man. The shaved legs feel great love it

  17. Hi, I shaved my legs today and I can say it feels great. Ive done it before but i used a wet shave and it really itched. I used some clippers this time and its ok. Unfortunatly the clippers dont get it close enough really but they do get it good enough without the itching. If anyone knows a way to remove the hair without getting ingrowing hairs and/or it itching pls let me know. Shaving leg hair is not gay, thats a brand that homophobes use to mock something they dont understand or are too scared to try themselves. Proberly best to check with ur girlfriend before you do it tho coz my ex didnt like it and she kinda went off me a bit till they grew back. I used creme aswell in the past and that was excellent and felt lovely but still had the problem of ingrowing hairs. Keep experimenting and post ppl 😉

  18. Okay, I can see this post was originally from 2005 but, hmmmm, I found this just fascinating.
    I’m a guy, I’m straight and I shave my legs. Totally can’t stand all that hair! It looks gross and feels awful. I feel sexier and SO much more comfortable with shaved legs.:) I’m planning to get an epilator someday. I really want to try that!
    There was a period, long ago, where I wore shorts and didn’t care what people thought. These days…I still shave my legs. Even more often than I used to. But I haven’t worn shorts outside for at least a couple of years now. Lost my courage to be who I am in public, I guess. But this post gets me thinking. Maybe I should get my courage back…

    And since I’m here, if anyone’s interested, um…hee hee, I get naked and do naughty stuff at my website. Feel free to take a look. It’s a free amateur site. Free videos, pictures, my profile, blogs:

  19. I shave every morning, male. hi Julian I use epilator once a week and depilatory cream
    every other day. I also wear pantyhose and just love it.
    Try it You will be amazed

  20. I am a straight man that shaves his legs, armpits and other things. I have been shaving them since 1998. I love the feeling of smooth legs. After I shave them, I sometimes stand in front of the mirror naked and stare at them. They do look sexy when they are shaved. I wear short shorts in public to show off my shaven legs. I notice that some women stare at them and some complment me of how they look. That makes me feel good. I sometimes put baby oil on them after I shave. It seem like the oil brings out the muscle and the tone better. It also feels better when I wear pantihose. I love my shaven legs. I glad that there are more men who shave their legs besides me.

  21. Keith, I also shave my legs and wear short shorts in public, sometimes with only 1″ inseams. I also get lots of stares from both men and women. I’ve only received positive comments though. I’ve had comments from women such as, “you have great legs”, “I like those shorts” and “You have a great _ss”. I still haven’t received a negative remark. I tan myself and lift weights. You are right, smooth legs bring out the tone better. There’s nothing better than showing them off in public in super short shorts. My wife loves rubbing her smooth legs against mine, too. That makes it a win, win situation for me.

  22. When will it be when men are not gay for shaving their legs.I had shaved my legs now for 2 yrs.Love the way they feel while wearing my short shorts out in public.I have had them lasered and they feel even better.If anyone would like to see a pic of them I will send them to you

  23. Awesome. I’m straight and not a biker or a swimmer (I run) but I shave my legs. Actually, my whole body. Love it. I do like the look of my legs shaven, too. I’m so vain. 🙂

  24. I havebeen shaving my legs since I was 13 years old and I am 50 now and i am a male.

  25. I am not gay, but I do shave my entire body, feels so good! Some women really like it and some are turned off by it. It does not matter what other people think of me, I believe you should do what makes you feel good!

  26. I shave my armpits and midsection but have never shaved my leggs entirely. After reading this I may do that soon. I do like to were shorts and never did like to were the longer shorts when they started comeing out in the 90’s. Seems like you have to buy womans shorts to get them short enough because they just don’t make them for men. I am encouraged that other men like to were the sorter sorts as well.

  27. I love shaving my legs. The look and feel is so nice to me. I am not gay, but I do like having smooth silky legs. I have a question for any other guy who shaves his legs. Do you also tend to cross your legs when you shave them.?I do, I’m just curious.

  28. I have been shaving my legs for about 16 years. I do it for the comfort when wearing pants and especially shorts (above the knee). A few looks now and then but it’s a non-issue with friends and family. Eventually people get used to it. I use lotion on my legs after showering and especially after shaving (about 2 or 3 times per week). I wear pantyhose under pants in winter but don’t have the nerve to wear them with shorts.

  29. Men have pretty legs, too, and should feel proud of them and show them off. And not just for biking, swimming, or bodybuilding. I’ve been shaving mine for quite some time and I love the way they look and feel. Hairy just looks grungy to me. To each his own, I guess.

  30. Been shaving my legs for about a year now. I love the way they feel and my wife loves the feel of smooth on smooth.

  31. My husband has been shaving his legs for about 12 years. At first I was against it, but when I saw how sexy his bare shaved legs looked when he wore short shorts, I encouraged him to keep his legs shaved. I also encouraged him to wear wooden soled exercise sandals which help define his muscular legs and display his bare shaved feet and toes.

  32. I have shaved my legs for decades. I used to run a lot, and have very pretty, muscular legs, which I get comments on often. Due to knee problems I gave up running, but now lift weights, and my legs have gotten very muscular, with large, defined calves I’m told bodybuilders would kill for. My legs are defined, and vascular (veins), all of which having no hair makes more visible. I love the feel of smooth legs, and would never go back to having them hairy. Lots of guys in my gym shave their legs, armpits, and chests. Not on topic, but guys who workout wearing sleeveless shirts look much better with shaved pits. Shaving has nothing to do with sexual orientation, though lots of people think if a guy shaves his body he’s gay.

    PS: I can’t believe you couldn’t find a picture of men with shaved legs. I’m happy to share mine 🙂

  33. I’ve been shaving my legs since I’m 20 (I’m now 35) and can’t see myself going back to the hairy-legged man I was before. The first years I was very self-conscious, avoiding wearing shorts in public, but I got used to is after awhile. I shave my legs about twice a week and absolutely love the look and feel. I should say that I’m a cyclist but at the time I was into mountain biking, and shaved legs were not so common in the mountain biking world. I had to switch to road cycling a couple of years ago due to a knee injury so it is totally justified for me to shave my legs now. In Europe, lots of men are shaving their body, but this habit has not yet gone mainstream in North America (I live in Canada). Hopefully men here will follow Europe’s influence. For now, I still stand out in a crowd with my shaved legs. Keep shaving those legs guys, whether you are straight or gay, you’ll love it and your partner will love it too!

  34. i am a straight man but love to shave my legs. I like the way it feels and looks. I never did have a lot of hair.My wife loves how it looks

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