I try to put words to things-
sticky labels
which don’t have enough glue,
so they slide down the wall,
slobbering together.
poetry, cell
Assemble enough of them
into patterns of rubicund cloth
stitched into wet webs
draped over the edge of
a frothing volcano …
(recipes for butter cookies)
(scenes in a kung fu movie)

I scramble to lasso chaos
training it
to stay still, to
stop bouncing around
on the hood of my car.
Clues to answers
wither to road kill in seconds.

Seeing the patterns in the swirl,
(an opera in four movements)
sitting on them with my butt
to fasten them to a scene,
I lie down to watch the movie,
seeing the worm, the ape, the questions
and the askers.

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4 thoughts on “Putting

  1. I really like the imagery and, for me, the somewhat abstract approach to the subject matter. I especially like the collage feeling that I retain throughout the poem. It was also nice to check my humility at the door after realizing that “putting” wasn’t going to be about golf! I’m told that I tend to be a bit impetuous at times. I guess we can learn many things from good writing. Enjoyed!

    I also left a message on your Full Bio.

  2. I liked the way you weave a lot of disparate elements into a cohesive whole.
    Yes, Garnet, I would like to exchange links with you.

  3. Dan-I’m glad you enjoyed the poem. I do these spacey poems as exercises to free my thinking, but it’s fun to see what others think.

    Moose- Yes, me too. I like the word of the day. A good way to add repetoire.

    patry- exchange done! seeyaround.


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