Poetry Carnival 7

poetry carnival

The 7th poetry carnival will take place in my corner of the woods here, at the top of the hill at Glitter Lane.

Since I’m a musician, I thought we could explore the idea of music poetry. That can be interpreted any way you want. It could mean poetry about music, how music affect you, or with a musical or rhythmic tone. I hope you have fun with it. Here is my poem on clarinet tone..

OK- Major after thought stream of ideas coming up: Another option is to write a lyrical (musical) rhyming poem about Thanksgiving. Let’s get corny! Pour on the gravy. Baste the turkey with songful love. Lay on the mushy mashed potatoes. I’ll probably write one for Turkey Day

Submissions are due by Tuesday, November 29th.

Submissions should follow this format and be sent to my email address, garnet at glitteringstew dot com.

Title of Blog:
URI of Blog:
Title of Poem (or just the first line or a number):
Permalink URI of the Poem:
Number of Lines:
Key Line or lines (1-4) to excerpt:

This spark was started by Dan at Philosophical Poetry. You can also learn more about the past contests at the Google Poetry Carnival Group. It’s easy to join the group.

14 thoughts on “Poetry Carnival 7

  1. I just wrote these three lines yesterday. This is my second poem. Can i participate with this one?


    If you want to be a star
    You must climb to the sky
    Even if the steps seem invisible.

  2. Thanks for gmail heads-up :). OOH, sounds like a delicious diversion from preparing for 3 major artshows I’m exhibiting in during the month of Dec. Thanks for hosting, Garnet. Terrific theme!

  3. I don’t think we fully comprehend the value of music, or shall I say, vibration.

    I think, deep down, when science finally uncovers the great truths, we will find the primordal vibration of the universe and learn to harmonize with it through music.

    Have you heard about the Deep B Flat sound that is eminating from a black hole in outer space?

    They used to say that everything gets sucked into black holes and nothing comes out…but music does.

    Because we are all made up of vibrating atoms, I suspect that one day all forms of healing will be based on vibration therapy. If an atom is combining into molocules in an unhealty way, it must be vibrating on the wrong frequency. If we can adjust the frequency, we can change the atomic structure, and thus achieve health.

    -Sci Fi, I know, but it makes me wonder.

    After all, we all use music to change our mood, and our mood affects our health. For that matter every religion in the world uses music, singing, or chanting. There must be a reason.

    Even the animals and plants use song or vibration.

    Heavy stuff…that lightens the heart.

  4. Cool! Thanks for the notice. I personally can’t write very good poetry, but I absolutely love reading those who can … which is why I have ‘GM’ blog-linked! I’m curious to read offerings bent toward ‘music poetry.’ Looking forward too it! Peace all over the bunch of you …

  5. Great idea, Garnet. Have you read the blues poet Sterling Plumpp? You might be interested in his work.

    Kelley Bell: I love the sound of B-flat. It’s one of my favorite notes. It has a particular soothing resonance. When orchestras and bands tune up together, they always use concert B-flat.

  6. I woke up at the crack of noon (after blogging ’til 3am) and look at all the greeting cards I got! Billy, Anu, Silvermoom, WhirlingBetty, Kelly, Shawn, Amy. – Anyone can enter. I hope you all do. I’m glad you seem interested in this theme.

    Anu- that’s a sweet, and deep little poem. I hope you write a music one and send it in.

    Kelly- That looks like another Glittering Commentari! I love thinkig like that! Deepak Chopra often write of how much space we really are, and how we are all just energy. Did you know the clarinet is in Bb? Higher octaved of music in the key of Black Hole.

    Amy- I don’t know Sterling Plumpp. I’ll goole him. thanks…

  7. I could think of one to send, but alas, my blog may be moved or not at that time and so I cannot guarantee I will have a permanent link to it. If I do, I may send.

  8. Ned, I would be honored and flattered to have you send a poem, if you can. Otherwise, just come by and join the party when the carnival is happening December 1st.

  9. The gravy you asked for is done, Garnet – it’s up. Will follow official instructions for the Carnival…:)

  10. Just sent you two poems — one on the Thanksgiving sub-theme, and the other with a definite metrical beat (the beat began long before the poem).

    I’ll let you choose which one to use!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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