Glittering Commentari 13, Liz II

Liz at Letting Me Be posted this very cool comment a week or so ago, It’s from a post called Too Cool To Keep Undercover. The comments was made by Kelly Bell, who has a brainy, zany, blog of her own. Go check her out. The post she made the comment about was Walking on Water.

ahha, syncronicity.

“I wanted to ask everyone, What do you want from me? I can’t walk on water.”


And over on my bloggy, I just posted a thing about atoms. They are not solid. Just energy and empty space.

So what is holding us all in place? What is solid?

If a chair is just atoms, which are just energy and empty space, like water, then why can one hold us while the other can not?

Quantum Physics teaches that energy is not a thing, but rather, just the probability of ideas.

Therefore, Ideas Create Reality.

and if all this is true, then why is it so unthinkable that someone who BELIEVES she can walk on water

actually can.

I love this kind of thinking. Sometimes, when the human world is just too much to bear, I snuggle up with a thought like this.

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  1. I’m glad a thought like that gives you something sweet to snuggle up with. Hope it reminds me of the day that we had sychronicity.

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