Airmail Love


Sometimes before sleep late at night, I lie in bed
listening to my cats purr as they lick themselves clean
before curling up in a furball as close as possible to me.
I hear the distant roar of the highway, thousands
of cars swishing in a hurry to get somewhere,
perhaps the moon. Maybe they are lonely,
and sad love follows them as fast as they can drive.
Or maybe they’re rushing for an emergency,
a serious accident, or worse. Or maybe they were
working late, and long to get home
to a warm bed, and peace, if nothing else.
I think of my friends all over the world,
living lives with direction, going forward, or not,
friends past, whom I’ve lost touch with,
friends present but distant, thousands of miles away.
I think of all the sad or happy or tragic people
spinning around the planet as it spins across time,
laughing, crying, or lonely, dying,
or perhaps wondering and grateful, as I am.
And I think of you, with your quiet burning
of life with it’s myriad questions.
And I send you a little message. I open my heart
and give you my nurturing thoughts, my hope, my love.
I wish you well, I wish you peace.
By sending an airmail full of good wishes,
I feel lighter as I prepare for sleep under
a fluffy down comforter and two warm furballs.

Digiart by Veach. I think they’re pretty cool. I hope you do too. If you want to see the original piece, click on the image and there you are.

12 thoughts on “Airmail Love

  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve prepared for sleep with such lucid awareness and thoughtfulness. Are you always this mindful? That’s how I’d like to be.

  2. Betty- I smiled when I read your comment. I aspire to be better than I am. That is the only way I can grow. No, I am not always this mindful, but writing about it helps to remind me.

  3. yemanja- Your smiling and hopeful heart makes me happy. I try to do inspiring writing on Sundays. I’ll do more, just for you, sweetheart.

  4. Lovely introspection. At times, the shadows in my bedroom remind me of others, too. “Airmail” is perfect to describe those wafting thoughts pre-sleep.

  5. I really liked this poem. I can connect to that kind of philosophical musing, night-time pondering over the details of life in ways I am absolutely convinced many people don’t at all but then, I’ve never been one to try to blend in and always try to stay awake to the world around me as a poet. Clearly, you do too. x

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