5 thoughts on “Thank you Rosa

  1. Thank you for this memorial tribute to a truly great American. Would that every last one of us could have even a tiny fraction of her courage and strength of conviction. May she always be a part of each of our spirits and our visions.

  2. Well said, garnet and jmbs

    … and may the long shadow she left inspire us all to be brave enough to quake daily in the small ways that gradually make a difference.

  3. I was a long way away when she changed the world, but I’ve never forgotten it or her. If I wanted to define the term “Great American”, she might just fit the bill.

  4. Brave Rosa, whose exhaustion with bigotry on one day impelled her to remain seated and change the world, though surely in that moment, she had no idea what she did… May we all effect such change, accidentally or on purpose, and follow it through.

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