Should I never see you again,
Every moment I have spent with you would
Resonate in my heart.
Echoes of your kisses
Never leave my lips.
Daring to have stepped into the fire
I know I shall never return the same.
Perhaps this is exactly what
Is meant to be…
Today what seems but love’s seed may
Yet become tomorrow’s passion flower.

14 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. Thanks for this little gem. It certainly resonates with me on a personal level, especially the last two lines. The longing for a “tomorrow” that may never come makes the joy of this moment, this life now, harder to embrace and appreciate. Perhaps we all struggle with all sorts of longings, fantasies, and desires that compete with our present reality for supremacy, thus rendering my recent post about “Be Here Now” either meaningless cliches or profound insights. Not sure which.
    Oh, well. I certainly enjoyed this one and thanks again.

  2. What a lovely poem of hope. These days of house thinking have brought some music to the blog. Time for dancing in the garden. Even the word Serendipity makes me smile for you.

  3. Another view from the inside! Every love begins with the seed and should mature into it full flower; the question is which kind of flower? Adjusting to the species we create in the name of love is one of the great challenges of living.

  4. Ron and Liz- Yes, it’s about longing and hopefulness together, a happy sadness which comes with the generosity of being in love. I wrote it a few years ago, but it seemed appropriate for the way I feel today.

  5. I love this poem. It reminds me of a thought I have been having lately about the possibility that what romance I had in the past is somehow still alive. It is to me; maybe it is to them too. I visit my past lovers in my dreams. Who’s to say it’s not real?

  6. At the risk of seeming gloomy, like the misanthrope at the party: plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose?

    My apologies to all francophiles for the missed accents, but discovering how to obtain them defeats me!

  7. I like this Garnet. Hopefulness is always present in the first seeds of love.
    Daring to step into fire, indeed. I agree with that.

    Ken, omigosh, I say that all the time. :O Of course, no one I know speaks French so they have not the slightest clue why I am saying that. However, here is a nifty little site that will show you how to get accented letters using ALT codes. There are other ways but I am sure I am not clever enough to know them.

  8. You’re absolutely right, Garnet. I knew I should have thought twice as soon as I clicked the Submit Comment button last night and it’s been troubling me all day. Hence, I’ve come to apologize for my churlishness and for my poor reading of your poem. I shall endeavour to do better!

  9. No apology is really necessary. But thank you. I just wondered how you arrived at such a point in attitude. I’m sure there’s much to tell. Perhpas it will find itself into your poetry.

  10. Your writings are always a gift for me to read. This touches me in ways you say best here. Sigh

    Thank you, Garnet, so very much for the links to writers, poets, thinkers, to people in general who care and show this in blogland. I have found many gems via your blog!

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