My Day as a Vampire

While rummaging through some old boxes, I found this little story, written when I was 11. I corrected a few annoying spelling errors.

One day I was having a blood test. It was about 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon. The doctor said he had broken his glasses the night before and he had not gotten his new ones yet.

After we had finished with the blood test, I walked out the door and by the doctors rose bushes and RRRRIP! My cape got torn on one of the thorns. MY CAPE! I never wore a cape before. I must look like a vampire. Oh yes, It all fits together…Wow, I’m hungry, and look at all the food walking around me. That isn’t food, it’s people! OUCH! i cut my tongue with one of my fangs… one of my fangs! I’m a vampire, that’s what I always wanted to be. Anyway I have to prove to myself that I really am a vampire. I’ll go home and look in the mirror.

Later. Here I am at home and I am going to look in the mirror. Oh my gosh, I am a vampire. This is the way I look in the mirror…

vampire reflection

A vampire has no reflection in the mirror so I’m a vampire. Let me see if I can change into a bat. Poof. flap flap squeak squeak. Poof. I’m my self again. But I’m still a vampire. That reminds me I’m hungry. There’s a good looking person…bite, slurp…pithooy, green blood, he must be a Vulcan. Ahhhhh there’s a pretty girl. Run run run, Grab… Poof, oh no, I changed back into my own self suddenly… (and she said) “Get your hands off me you little brat you.”

Later I see how it happened. The doctor gave me some vampire blood by accident. And now the blood cells have died.


Sigh. Did you notice how quickly I changed back after chasing the “pretty girl”. I guess some things never change, or rather never stop changing. And I have a feeling some of those blood cells are still alive in me.

13 thoughts on “My Day as a Vampire

  1. I loved it Garnet…!

    I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a vampire…. (not the evil, gory vampire), but the sensual and hopeless romantic, who is forever bound to the moon light, yearning for the ONE who would set me free… Silly huh?

    My favorite vampire movies: “Dracula” directed by Francis Coppola and
    “Interview with a vampire” by Ann Rice.

  2. I think Rice has made vampires into a very sexy myth. who wouldn’t want to be bitten by Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt?

    I see a poem series for you yemanja. Yes, i see shadows moving in the cool moonlight, the irresistable magnet of two glowing eyes drawing you into the crypt, to your desitny, to your final freedom….

  3. Hmm, usually when I chased the pretty girls I got slapped in the face or they got a restraining order… it must be me…

    As for being a vampire, there are advantages to that I suppose. Though, having been bitten once before… things have started to make sense to me.

    Nice cartoon…! 😉

  4. For 11 years of age I must say we could see the writer coming. You reminded me of the first piece I wrote. Oh my it was soooooo bad…and I didn’t write my first story until I was a senoir in HS. I can’t believe my teacher actually gave me a B on the assignment! I would have failed me 🙂

    Thanks for the fun read. I LOVE vampires!!

  5. I think it’s a cute little story. It’s always fun to come across little bits an pieces of memorabilia from our past. This is too cute. Hope all is well!

  6. This is a great story, and reflects a lot of the scary things girls experience when going through puberty–fear that they are “different,” even though that difference may give them power; fear that they are so weird that the weirdness exists on a cellular level; fear of being rejected by the “pretty” ones or by prettiness itself; and a feeling that they have no power over the changes in their bodies. A powerful story!

  7. Amy- (my sister’s name) So nice to have you visit! Your perceptive interpretation is quite true. Though I didn’t know it at the time, within a year I would begin to feel very different from the other boys.

  8. lol! You have just inspired me to rumage through my old stuff to see what kind of interesting stories that I had conjured up as a kid.

    It’s amazing how differently kid’s think from adults…

  9. Very enjoyable! I save my daughters’ writings. They can blackmail me with ones of mine….if they can find where they’re hidden. I agree w/ the others. Your talent showed very early!

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