Glittering Commentari 9, Dave Bonta II

Another great comment from Dave of Via Negativa. He sent several really good ones. And I actually like this even better than the first one I posted here. It’s by Rexroth’s Daughter of Dharma Bums.

Dave– Thanks for poetically revealing the myth perpetuated by google. The world body is like an urban legend. Repeated enough it becomes evidence of its own existence. The google bomb of self: A desperate need to believe in the reality of our own skins writ large.

Wow. Succinct! Google Bomb. Should become a catchword for sur-naturally real myths perpetuated by media.

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One thought on “Glittering Commentari 9, Dave Bonta II

  1. Thanks to all three of you for delivering this message out loud and passing it around. I have a saying “Just because they yell the loudest, doesn’t make them right.” I have seen so many people hurt over the years because big groups have picked on the outside one–as the post says delivering a Google Bomb, the point of which is really just to protect the group, i.e. fear.

    Thank you for this posting. It makes me feel good to know that all of you are on this planet too.

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