Glittering Commentari 12

I thought I’d feature a wonderful comment from here at home. It’s from a friend who has commented regularly with little recognition from me, bless her sweet heart. I hope I can convince her to forgive my rude manners and come back to grace us with her poetic virtues again.

In response to my poem Writing a Poem, Carole said:

Glitter, how wonderful your affinity for the flower who opens her or his eyes fully for just a day and then must drop from its nourishment and give its color and life back to the earth. We humans think we have endless days to become, to be, to learn our private reason for being. We are wasteful and out witted by the noise of life. You are right; we need to stop, be still, to hear the music of our souls.

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9 thoughts on “Glittering Commentari 12

  1. ha ha ha ha!!!! Oh man, that cracked me up. Talk about modelling desired behavior.

    I think Garnet has some of the best blogging manners I’ve ever seen – certainly better than mine, busy as I get, tending towards commenting only when I have something fairly urgent to say and being erratic about responding directly to comments since I flail back and forth between wanting to be welcoming and to engage deeper levels of discussion in response to posts and wanting to let the commenters have their personal space in the blog…

    You rock, Garnet, oh elegant man.

  2. Not too long ago I read a call from a poetry site for a genre called prose poetry. From what they described, this is definitely prose poetry. What beautiful thoughts, and what a tribute to your writing that it could inspire such a lovely response.

    It seems that the dark, introverted cloud of longing over this corner of the web might be lifting. The sky seems a bit lighter. The music more lilting. That silver thread that connects us seems to be shining again with a sparkle of oneness. This morning I woke to a comment on my blog. I thought, “I must send this to Garnet for his Glittering Commentari.” Then I arrive and what do I see? You’re glittering on comments already. 🙂

    The comment I’m posting and sending to you . . . starts with the words . . . “ahhh synchronicity.”

    L heart D

  3. Jess-I think Michael simply didn’t know what I meant. But thanks for protecting and boosting me, you fearless friend.

  4. Lizsun- the moon looks best in some clouds and shadows. But the silver lining is always there, and there’s always a ray of soft white light slanting toward the little hut where the bellkeeper lives. And it seems you rode that ray on the same wave length today.

    thanks for the gentle nudges with your words, which I know are so much more.

  5. The bellkeeper has finally gotten to see the moon again. It there in the sky where it’s always been. Silly me! Had I only taken time to see. I could have had the moon looking in while I worked my day away. Now I get to write for me.
    l h h h g

  6. The moon always shines softly. It’s easier to see when you look away. Then it’s less shy to come out and play. Then every letter you type is a dance of joy, from you to me, from a girl to a boy.

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