The Mini Restaurant

A Mini web page told Mini Mary about a mini-restaurant in Columbus. So we Volvo-ed over to try it. (my car’s bigger!) We had many a mini good minutes mincing a magnificent meal miming perfection. Basi Italia is too good to hide, but certainly small enough to miss.

Creative, subtle Italian/American cuisine tantalized the Muse. Smoked chicken /Gorgonzola/Port wine sauce over pasta wouldn’t take no to another bite; or hearty, zesty tomato/sausage/fennel bulb/raisin sauce with rigatoni; or mustard crusted trout with basil sauce; or large, ricotta gnocchi with basil pesto sauce. Sweetness within savory was the chef’s signature, to my delight.

Memories mimic the marvelous experience, the light city air on the the gracious, tastefully landscaped patio, the magnetic charm of this mouse house, nigh a Mini’s size in the neighborhood wall. The service was smiling and efficient.

Off the beaten path, on Highland Street, an alley really, in the Short North of Columbus, the evening magnified how good “as good as it gets” can be. What munificent serendipity!

Mini owners have maxi say in my book!

2 thoughts on “The Mini Restaurant

  1. I was seriously just going to take a mini break and come see what was cooking over here. What do I find? Exactly what I was looking for. Big smiles. Thank you.

  2. Maxi smiles, not “skirting” the topic. 😉
    Sounds yummy! This also reminds me again of my mini Sun aft. escape from home to take a min
    break at a Volvo dealership with maximum desire, only a few wks before you suprised me here with your new wheels!
    I still have maxi desire. Never owned a volvo, but I had hoped to sit in a certain one in Aug. Maybe next time. 😀

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