Nude Camping

I’m going nude, gay camping this weekend. Hmmm, this should be interesting…Nipples to the wind, among other things. I wonder if I’ll get sunburned where the sun never shines. So much to wonder… I bet the mosquitoes will have a field day, among more other things. I’ll have a full report on Monday.

19 thoughts on “Nude Camping

  1. ummm… nude, gay camping.
    The first thing to read in a new blog.
    Intrigues me enough to come back and read your report on Monday.

  2. Great post!

    Hey, Melly,
    It gives a whole new meaning to the idea of a writer using imagery. That post was filled with imagery for me.


  3. Remember to cover toosh & nipps in sunblock… having a peeling ass it no fun!! 🙂

    Flew thru on BE and this post just made me comment…

  4. Male nipples are a real nuisance. Mine used to be tucked away (inverted?), but since I lost a bit of weight while training for a marathon, they keep sticking out and catching on things.

    BTW, does ‘intelligent design’ offer an explanation for male nipples?

  5. Thanks for the coments, and the laughs.

    Tom, I don’t know about “intelligent design’s” reason for male nipples, but I know the “Spagetti Monster” theory of creation aserts nipples are there to sense the direction of the wind, amongh other things. And both sexes benefited from this ability, so both have nipples.

  6. Hi all, stumbled across this post about nude gay camping. I go to a clothing optional campground in the Poconos in Pa. almost every weekend in the summer. You just can’t beat the feeling of the sun,wind, ect. on the total body. Also to see all the other guys sunning swimming and cooking in the nude Just makes for a great weekend. chuck,

  7. I can’t help wondering about (which probably says a lot about), but happens if from some reason you become aroused (and your male).

    I don’t mean to be base, i just speak from no experience of public nudity.

    Please note this is not meant to be vulgar or crass, but whenever I hear about nudity camps I always have this thought.

    Thanks for the great blog while I am here.

  8. Luke- That’s a very good question. I have found that while nude at a nudist place my body knows I am exposed and does not become aroused. But of course, there’s no guarantee. Perhaps the arousal will be mutual, and therefore enjoyed by both!!

  9. I really love to go nude at nude camps but one thing I hate most are sand and dirt and sun in my rear end and all those jingling and jungling and all that stuff! But in general, nude camping is great! Makes you feel like your back in the Garden of Eden again!

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  11. Don’t go nude when holidaying in Brazil, unless you want to have sex with a bunch of random strangers. Whilst nudism is allowed on some of the beaches, it would appear that the locals have a different understanding. Trust me.

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