If you want to show off how inspiring your posts are, write a post which includes the following items.

1. Feature some great comments from your blog. Comments need to make some sense on their own. Short conversations are fine. They can be funny, inspiring, beautiful, or just plain good writing. Post as many as you like.
2. Please include links to:
a) the Great Comments List guidelines.
b) GlitteringMuse
c) the author of the comment and
d) the post which inspired the comment.
3. Tell your readers to do the same on their blogs…Spread the word. I know there are lots of great comments out there!

Send me the link to your Great Comments post by email (garnet at glitteringstew dot com), or comment on the 90 Great Comments post.

That’s it. It’s pretty simple. The nice thing is that you get linked to, as well as your commenter, and I get a link as well. Linkiness all around! I’ll check out your post and choose a great comment daily or so for however many days. Everyone can share all the wit, inspiration and fun their blogs inspired.

If I really get 90 great comments posted here, at the end I’ll post a public vote on the Very Best of the Greatest Comments. So this could end up a real contest. Maybe even with some prizes. We’ll see how far this goes.