Great Comments 3, Liz’s Day

Liz at Letting me Be is my guardian angel. Without her I wouldn’t be blogging any more. She’s posted a comment to add to my little blog contest. I think she chose this because she knew I’d like it. It’s my kind of spacey rumination. Thank you, Liz. The post is called Glittering Flower Commerati.

Blogzilla’s ‘Zilla posted the comment to a post called The Flower.

‘Zilla said…
“The flower spends no time
thinking about being a flower.”

Who presumes what a flower thinks about, or does not think about?

Perhaps one of the many beauties of a flower is that, if it dares to speak of what humans may be thinking, we cannot hear it.

D. T. Suzuki would have been proud. Just be the flower and speak in flower thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “Great Comments 3, Liz’s Day

  1. Hey thanks for the promotion to angel-hood. I hear one of the perks is Veuvre for free. So the T’o the C it will be.

    What was so fun about that post was that I was the one who wrote that the flower spends no time thinking about being a flower. So Zilla turned the tables on me. I like it when smart people catch me up that way–let me know that I could be taking my own thoughts a little too seriously.

    I think this contest is such a great idea. So many good thoughts are hiding under the cover of each post. It’s only right that we should bring the best out and honor them in the daylight.

    Thanks Garnet for doing this.


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