Great Comments 6, Ms. Bees Knees

Ms Bees Knees has graced me with honey from her swarm of queens! But honey, this stuff can make you pucker! She buzzed me with a comment string from a post called Homos Love Me, Even the Dead Ones, which I don’t doubt for a second, considering the racket at her hive.

I’ve taken the liberty of choosing the most feline quotes of the string, but if you want to see the whole thing, fly over to her hive and look for yourself. Be warned, it’s sticky over there, and you may get stung.

The post describes a visit to a bogus psychic where a ghost of a “homosexual” visits her…

I’m so jealous! No dead relatives ever come to visit me when I take a trip to The Psychic Center. Hmmm…I think it’s because I don’t actually have very many dead relatives. Maybe I should kill a few.
[…]if I die before you, I’ll be the one sitting behind you in the corner, black boa, sapphires in my tiara, belting out the Hungarian national anthem. Oh, and bouncing Knotty Boy on my left knee. and petting Mrs. Astor [alexis] with my right.
Baby Daddy:
Ms Bees Knees! Yes, all homos are pretty big fans of yours. And for the record: you are a comment whore! […]
Kissyfur remarked:
Oh, you thilly creature. That was a good one![…]you’re in an alter up there like Margaret Cho, and you girls grew up in cities very close to one another…you being haunted by gay ghosts would be hilarious because every Poltergeist would have a dramatic flair[…]
[…]Yes, Madame Bees, my world still revolves around your blog…which satellites your magnificent head and tiara. Don’t diss the psychotic… What? You said psychic!? Oh…ok. Well, don’t diss them either! I would have lllloved to have been there during that psychic’s crash-and-burn..MWAHHAHA! ….
[…]What is up with Martha? She’s worried that you have been left out of HER life? Only lavender lady is worthy of thought. Can you ring her up tonight?
Ms. Bees Knees:
Alexis: What have I told you about drinking too much champagne in the afternoon? Now I must make excuses for you not showing up at the sewing circle…again!
How DARE you, Ms. Bees, accuse me of drinking in the afternoon…The fact that I even think to read your column before passing out in the local DAR tea room attests to my admiration for you. Therefore, before I put this glass of champagne down and try to think of where I live, I will stand up to your impertinance.[…]
And Knotty Boy:
Obviously this twat was a charlatan and was just using you as a test subject for her interview for the “Psychic Friends Network”. What, no Paul Lynde, no Tm Cruise, no F. Murray Abraham? God honey, I can even see these marshmallows floating around your faghagginess! Yes I know that some of whom I mentioned aren’t dead yet. It’s the thought that counts.
Ah, Knottyboy, who WOULDN’T want a visit from Paul Lynde, just hope it is the wonderful vision of him in drag from some old Doris Day movie. Oh, and keep your paws off Mikevil!

Well, it seems the hive is swarming with honey(cocks)combs who “stick” around way after cocktail hour! Pollen everywhere!

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9 thoughts on “Great Comments 6, Ms. Bees Knees

  1. I’m just clad to I did actually lift my head off the table and reply to that guttersniper. Right after that speech to Bees I collapsed maybe from the stress, perhaps from the champagne. I awoke later with my peach satin squashed-heeled shoes propped on some chairs.

    Ms. Bees can bring the best out in her people. Thanks.

  2. That’s right! Who wouldn’t want a visit from Paul Lynde? I sure do. I just don’t get the part about drinking champagne in the afternoon. Isn’t that when you’re supposed to?

  3. I just love a room strewn with empty champagne bottles, tiaras, black boas and rhinestoned pumps lying around! Makes me feel loved.

    Alexis-tell me more about the DAR tearoom sometime…oh and can I borrow those shoes, they sound fabulous.

  4. DUH! We all have blog’s, that’s why we’re here… I’m embarrassed she’s a breeder. We’re not always like that. Please gentlemen and ladies continue…

    Now, tell me more about the chairs and champagne, I lost track.

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