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blog crushI have several blog crushes. These are the writers I look forward to reading, who stir my thoughts, who amaze me with their evocative language, their unusual ideas, whose sites are designed with flair, and perhaps because they offer comments on visits to me.

Although this list is far from complete, I include in my top favorites these wonderful bloggers: Liz, Ned, Spicey Cauldron, Meredith and Akilesh, Jessamyn, Antonia, Tony, Jack, Stormwind, and GEL.

As an aspiring poet dabbler, I lean toward more florid language, descriptions of the indescribable, of my deepest urges, my unspoken feelings. I think the person whose site stirs these deep reservoirs the most consistently is Yemanja. If I had a can of spray paint, I’d go to the local highway overpass in the middle of the night and signal for all to see: Garnet is swooning over Yemanja.

Her blog is beautifully designed, always pleasant to visit. She delves into the spiritual realm of passion with her sensual, rich poetry and photos. I like that she doesn’t shy from expressing her deepest, most subtle desires, and that she does so with such accessible, florid poetry. Yemanja stirs passions I never knew I had, and that’s saying quite a bit! (ahem, I refer to my birth given attraction to men) She walks a fine line, and does so with aplomb. She also seems to understand where I am coming from on my blog as well, and expresses so in her comments. Thank you Yemanja, for your beautiful, inspiring existence.

If you’d like to post your crush, go check this post at Darren’s site. He suggests parameters for deciding your crush and how to list it on his site. It’s easy and fun. Go for it. Proclaim your crush!

11 thoughts on “Blog Crush

  1. Why thank you kind sir. I would buy you a Veuvre and ask you for the next dance, but I’m guessing that your dance card is filled. If not, you put down right now.

    I was just thinking last night how special it is to have you around to talk to. Thank you.


  2. Wow! I am speechless… What a lovely thing to say….!

    It makes me very happy to know I’ve been able to touch your heart and soul in the way that I have… Thank you Garnet, I am so flattered to be your crush…! 🙂


  3. Thanks for publishing this piece and recommending these great blog writers. I’ve enjoyed reading articles written by folks that obviously enjoy writing!!

    It’s been a pleasure…. Bandy! 😉

  4. Liz, you are like my sister, family in a way. I hope you don’t mind me saying that, but it’s the gosh darn truth. I need you. Hug? (love to share some Veuvre with you)

    Yemanja- swoon, blush 😳

  5. I nominate Merry Widow as a funny lady who writes for the modern age. she posted a comment on my blog once, ill look for her address, or search for her.

  6. Found this quote on a gem site: “Amongst garnet’s assumed powers is the one regarding direction, for legend has it Noah’s Ark featured garnet on the bow to help navigate at night” Enough said.

  7. OMG, I’m all, it’s all so, that is the sweetest, oh, dear… please talk among yourselves… no no, OK, I’m OK now . Where on earth do all these angel’s come from? I’m all verklemt. Please pass a tissue. Am I all red? I feel like I am.

  8. Garnet,
    I would like to thank you for all the great comments you have left at my site and for being a faithful reader. I am also honored that you linked my humble blog in your post.
    I am always interested in what blogs others read and enjoy and often find some that become my favorites too. I will be visiting your recommendations with anticipation, as I see you have both heart, talent and insight.
    I am still trying to work out who would be my blog crush. I have so many.
    Could it be that I am fickle?

  9. Dear Garnet,

    I am deeply honored to be crushed by you. Wait, that didn’t sound how I meant it. Actually, though, since I have already apologized for inconveniently being a woman, you can crush me anytime, you fabulous, verklemt shapeshifter with whom it is entirely safe to flirt.

    Looking forward to checking out some of the other blog writers you’ve listed here, now that I’m finally catching up on back-reading.

    Write on, comrade,

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