Cat Asleep on Rug

Ineffable Present
careening, seething,
(gelatinous collision of
past and future)
Universe breathing.

Mute Mother
(whispering) (yes),
perilous fusion
resonating us.
There is no choice
but to give in
to terrifying

Bliss (consciousness).

Honor the seed, the flower,
the book, the hour
(and the subtle, singing space between)
Forgive as you go.
Let rest
all this.

This is another “everything” poem. I seem to yearn for the big picture, wouldn’t you say? Anyway, I’ll be away a few weeks, driving East in my new (’01) Volvo S60 T5, floating along the highway with Mahler or Sedaris or Steve Reich blasting. I’ll hike in the Adirondacks, then see a friend’s family in Vermont, then visit my father on the Cape, then attend and play at my second cousins wedding, then visit with my mother a week, then back here. Let’s just hope I really like my car after nearly 2000 miles in two weeks!

4 thoughts on “Let

  1. Enjoy your trip… I’ll be leaving for New England myself next week… I’ll be staying for two weeks… A well deserved vacation…

  2. Hope your travelling is safe and your journeying enlightening. 2000 miles in two weeks is some test of endurance not just love of a motorcar I would say:0) I like to drive with Steve Reich too. Enjoy and return refreshed and renewed in ways you never guessed at.

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