Incandescent Nectar

Incandescent Nectar of Life,
conscious of Itself through our senses,
breathing our breath; and which,
with our caring awareness of one another,
breathes Life full with Love.

Here only, forever Now is,
which, breaking with by and by
becomes again the Full Emptiness,
where the billows of ruminating Dust
show in relief the shadow of Time,
and a brief glimpse
through Fate’s curtain
into who we are.

This sums up my mystical take on life. It’s a “glimpse” of where we came from, where we are, and where we’re going.

This poem is also featured on my new Zaadz profile: GarnetDavid. Stop by and say hello. Peace.

6 thoughts on “Incandescent Nectar

  1. I enjoyed reading this glimpse of you. I adore the title! This imagery awakens all of my senses as my eyes sample your spirituality. Your word choices eloquently portray a personal and continual journey:a contemplative one and a philosophy mainly of “Living for Now”.

    The capitilization of choice words heightens their importance to you and lets me, the reader reflect on how and why those particular words are important to you, aside from the obvious.

  2. Thanks for the drink.

    I totally LOVE this. You welcome people to your site with a drink of incandesant nectar.

    Can I borrow the concept?

    It seems so perfect, to act as a good host/hostess, when welcoming readers into your home page.

  3. Absolutely, Kelley. I got the host idea from Liz. She’s the original teacher of blog manners. Nice to see you! Thanks for shareing some Nectar.

  4. I found the link to this on michael’s blog over at gaia. did you write it? the poem?

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