Sonya the Papillon Princess

A dog is a very personal choice. It’s no wonder dogs end up looking or acting like their owners. That’s who choses them, usually. So what was I thinking when I decided this was the best dog for Mom? My mother is glamorous. I decided she would enjoy a small, easy going, quiet, fairly low maintenance dog, who is also glamorous. Of course, I didn’t stop to think she might have an opinion. Actually, I did stop. I got her opinion, and decided I knew better. I still think I do. But maybe not in this case. It remains to be seen.

Papillons are sweet, faithful, easy to care for and a healthy breed overall. They are a type of Spaniel, with a little Chihuahua mixed in. So they are sensitive. This one in particular is a bit wimpy and clingy. But to give her credit, she’s also not settled yet. The poor thing was ripped from her only home and it trying to adjust to my house and life. (I’m keeping her until I can take her out to Mom next week) But clearly, as she settles, she’s becoming a princess and loves attention.

I didn’t want to pay the full price for a pure bred dog, and I had trouble finding a suitable “rescued” dog, which often have severe health or behavior issues. I wanted a small dog, so Mom could take it in the car, and fly with it in a carry on bag. It had to be a lap dog. (my decision, not Moms)

Mom wanted a Corgi, since we had had one years back and she loved that dog. Why didn’t I just go for the Corgi? I don’t know. I thought I knew better. (still do) And I thought a larger dog would be less cuddly. Maybe Mom doesn’t want cuddly. Maybe that was my preference. So far, Mom’s going along with it, for my sake, going along with a cuddly, cute, attention loving, quiet, adorable, lap dog. Hmmm! Sounds like a rough compromise…

I picked out a nice, quiet, sweet, two year old female Pap. Her owner bred them for shows and this one had a small knee problem, so she was selling it. Sonya is quiet and obedient. Quiet is important, since my sister warned me she wouldn’t be happy with a yappy dog. (my sister lives, with her husband, in a basement apartment at my mother’s house) She has her flute teaching studio at the house, and doesn’t want a yappy dog.

So this little Pap seems perfect. Only Mom is still not sure. She wanted a Corgi. Mom’s indecision is understandable, too, since this is an important companion choice for her. But I had already committed to this dog. So I convinced her to try it. We’ve all been stressed. Mom, because she’s unsure about this. My sister, because she has a cat and doesn’t want a yappy dog. I’ve been very stressed, partly because I finally realized my blatant mistake, partly because I thought I had made the right choice (and still do), partly because I had already gone through the trouble of finding a pretty good dog.

Now I realize more clearly how the personality of the dog may not be the best companion for Mom. Sonya is a princess, and likes to be spoiled. I think Mom really wanted a more independent, maybe more masculine dog. (do you get the feeling I’m a bit confused? or perhaps in denial?) I am resigned to what ever she decides. I acknowledge my shortsightedness and failure to listen. Perhaps she’ll end up really liking this little Pap. She’s going to try Sonya for awhile and then we’ll see.

I have a feeling they will be inseparable in a few weeks, but don’t tell Mom that.

6 thoughts on “Sonya the Papillon Princess

  1. I’m sure give her a week they’ll be inseparable. Dogs have a way of making you fall in love with them, they give so much out to begin with.. lol She is cute..

    And thanks for the comment on my site! 🙂

  2. It’s hard to pick a pet for a person. I think your intentions and choice are wonderful. (I’m biased, being a dog person…no cats!)Lovely photo of her. I want to reach through this screen, pet and romp with her, then paint her portrait, but only if she (the dog, not your mom ;), didn’t mind.

  3. Why don’t they make people like you in Albania? You seem to question yourself to unprecedented length…in my country, even a custodian has a sharp opinion about Beethoven…and he will not just share it: he’ll teach you somethin’ valuable, looking at you straight in the eye!
    The point: Sonya is beautiful. She is a dog, and your mom and her will develop a relationship. Wait! They already have. It’s October ’06 now…:-)

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