Foxglove Fairys

We sat outside after dark
sipping mint juleps
tasting the relief of a gentle breeze
to soothe the long, hot breath of day

The light of several torches
brought them out,
the foxglove fairies.
From between flickers they flitted, translucent,
from under the bells’ pink florescences.
Looking closely,
little purple footprints could be seen,
evidence of romping at
sparkling parties
amongst the underbrush.

One flower
leaning close by our chairs,
peered at us with eyes
of nocturnal lilliputian romance
musing in the moonlight’s slippery rays
catching our thoughts
in platinum jars.

6 thoughts on “Foxglove Fairys

  1. Kissyfur- tell me more!

    Rana, I never realized that, but it’s true! I spread them out because of the photo, but it works both ways.

  2. Hello,
    What a beautiful poem! I am a two time breast cancer survivor and during my treatments I had to have plants and flowers around as well as fairies. It all kept me sane through all the treatments. Thanks so much for this beautiful poem. Michelle PS Gorgeous Picture Too 🙂

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