Nothing in my mind but drivel. It’s too humid to think.

The trip to Bethesda, MD was a success. Sonya and Mom bonded nicely. From what Mom said in her update since I left yesterday, they’re better off without me there. Sonya’s original devotion to me was interfering with her getting to know Mom. Sonya is a pretty amazing little dog. At one point I took her out alone to do her duty, and she just stood there staring into my eyes for the longest time. She never flinched, just waited and watched. Very intense little creature.

I am outraged by most of what I see and hear in the news these days. I’ve always hated politics, but now I feel obligated to inform and defend myself. I think Carl Rove is evil. I think the Supreme Court should be fired. I think Bush should be impeached. Facts no longer matter. Truth is whoever speaks the loudest. Religion is a weapon. The holy wars are beginning. Sounds like a story line from Dune.

I want to go to a remote Greek island with beautiful men, aquamarine water, a diet of fruits and veggies, where I can space out, worship the sun and feel the timeless rhythms of the sea.

7 thoughts on “Emptiness

  1. I just wanna say that I wish there was a government program already in-place to send lovely people like you and your commenter to the Greek Islands, pretty much forever. That way, the ignorance that pervades our society would be, well — a little less overwhelming. And people who use careless statements like, “…Religion is a weapon” would be banished to exactly what they ask for. The Greek Islands. You’d be a great boat scrubber, I’m sure. Just out of curiosity, when was the last time you were ATTACKED by religion? Oh, well. Maybe there was that one time between taped episodes of ‘Oprah’ and ‘American Idol’ where you were briefly interrupted by a fart moving through your chest and feared for your life.

  2. Let’s see…I was attacked by religion when my priest told me that I should stay home and be raising children instead of going to work. I was attacked by religion when I was selling daffodils for the American Cance Society and some evangelist started laying into me accusing me of selling flowers for the Rev. Sun Yun Moon. I was attacked when told I was going to hell because I didn’t subscribe to the right god.

    This, of course is diddly compared to leveraging Christian moral outrage and manifest destiny toward warfare. (Which is a pretty concrete example of an attack).

    And if that is too obtuse, check out http://www.kkk.com/.
    “Welcome to the Ku Klux Klan! Bringing a Message of Hope and Deliverance to White Christian America! A Message of Love NOT Hate!”

    No danger of an attack there…unless, perhaps, you are not white, nor christian, or not obviously American in appearance.

  3. Yo Daddy, you’re pretty funny. Actually, why don’t you get started organizing free government sponsered trips to the Greek Islands. I’ll be enjoying myself while you fundamentalist idiots are following your mendacious devil leaders into hell. And, just for your information, I consider my belches and farts to have more integrity than any words coming from your mind.

    Gays are attacted all the time by religion. I have been told by “fundamentalists” that I will burn in hell for my sexuality. Yet it’s been proven that sexuality is not a choice.

    Once again, facts don’t matter, just the small minded, moralistic, selfish hogwash spewed by poor souls who are brainwashed by fanatical religion.

    Get your head out of the sand. You’ve been duped. Stop attacking me for seeing evil where it’s hiding.

    Yeah, I’ll go to Greece. I’ll be closer to God under the sky there than in any church of yours.

  4. Garnet,
    I enjoyed reading that Sonya and your mom are a good match.
    I despise politics, yet I’m very active in causes that are important to me. I don’t have time to be as effective or involved because there are many societal changes, scientific advances, etc I’d like to happen, including impeaching the shrub that lives in a house that should include all colours…

    Your comment reply above clearly showed a fine grasp of writing skills. (You’ve asked for feedback on that front.) It was articulate, coheisve, and cited facts. I admire the way you handled yourself. Your last line is one punch of a clincher. YES!

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