vine sculpture1.JPG

I am warped by desire
(yearning for love or power)

I cling to need
desire to desire
desire to feel
feel its grip
and let it go

The wind’s honesty
humbles me
(gently brushing my cheek)


The weeds grow.


3 thoughts on “Desire

  1. Hi Garnet,
    I”m here via Stormwind’s site) I saw your current comment about that old age post and related to your words, plus your colourful name.

    I love the simplicity and beauty of your poem. I also write poetry and often illustrate it with my photos or artwork. (I’m an artist and a writer.) I have two blogs. The artsy blog is (See the hypen or you’ll end up at the wrong blog.)

    Your header is gorgeous! Is that your design? It’s strking. Nice description of your blog. It went straight to my favorites. 🙂

    My newest blog is mainly for writings, which is where Storm saw a very rough draft piece of mine using the Russian Doll quote.
    If you visit, please take a gander at the poem “Passages.” I didn’t post this there, but it was written for my daughter who is about to graduate (Seems we are near in age…)

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