Two Scents

OK, I know lots of folks have already posted about the new research on how gay men’s brains get off on the stud pheromones of men. DUH! But it’s such a juicy topic (especially on hot days) I had to add a few words, and some other scents.

The words for smells could flow over this page. Cloves. Honey. Tea. Cheese. Fresh Bread. Apple Pie. Roses. Peaches. Roasted Nuts. Fresh Air. Clean Clothes. Wet Wool. Newspaper. Gasoline. Basement. Wood. Pine. Pencils. Elementary Schools. Locker Rooms. Feet. Hair. Hands. Pits. Each smell with it’s own arsenal of subcategories, and each person with their own unique array. And they all have powerful affects on us.

I used to love the smell of gasoline and musty basements. I have no idea why I liked the smell of gasoline. Maybe I had a passionate affair with a NASCAR racer in a past life. Actually, I wouldn’t mind having that happen again…like maybe with Kevin Harvick(left). Or Casey Mears. In either case, I wouldn’t mind the smell of gasoline or oil at all.

kevin Harvick.jpgcasey mears.jpg

Positive association with a musty basement also sounds kind of weird. I remember playing for hours in my grandfathers basement. Maybe it was musty. My sister and I entertained ourselves with toys grampop made for us. Or he would show us all his tools and how they all worked. Those are fond memories. Safe, secure, musty.

I have a pretty good smeller, nice and big, with lots of room for air and those chunky smell molecules to bounce around before lodging in my olfactory receptors. Achoo! Excuse me. Too many words in my nose. Words is all they are. The real smells can barely be imagined. But the real thing short cuts the mind and goes right to our animal instincts.

So, it turns out gay men get turned on by the smells of other men’s bodies. No wonder I didn’t mind taking gym class in high school. Gyms, locker rooms, weight rooms. And I thought I was into being healthy and strong. It turns out I was into being around healthy and strong

Then there’s the smell of good cologne, on a man, of course. Cologne smells different on each man. Different chemistry. Some of my favorite colognes, like Azzaro, glorify the pungent muskiness of men’s natural smells. They actually smell a little like B.O. On the right man, B.O. is yummy! Most of the newer ones, however, like Nautica, have no male edge, and smell more like a woman. Nothing wrong with that. Just doesn’t click in my brain.

I could go on forever about smells, especially male smells. But I won’t get too into that personal head space here. Yet. I just thought I’d put in my two scents about men and "faerie moans". (OK, now you can roll your eyes or groan)

6 thoughts on “Two Scents

  1. “it turns out gay men get turned on by the smells put out by mens bodies.”

    You sure about that?! ;-))

  2. wait–only gay men get turned on by the smell of men. does that mean I’m really a gay male in a woman’s body?

  3. When I stopped wearing deoderant and cologne, all the guys and girls have been all over me, especially the girls. Now, I’m not suggesting that everyone do this because it’s important not to stink. I think there may be a territorial thing with guys as far as their ability to follow their noses freely, but once hooked on the visual stimulation the scents will be indulged freely.

    I think gay guys are into wearing the coolest cologne and straight guys just put way too much on as do women with perfume which in my book is a total turn-off. If something needs to be worn for fun my suggestions are: coconut oil, essential oils–any that match your mood. The smell of lavendar makes a neck very kissable and sandalwood is sexy but expensive. The thing about manufactured perfumes and colognes is that I believe their smells have been engineered so precisely that I have no idea what they are intended to trigger in other people. I definitely pick up this manipulative nature in perfumes and sometimes they may be communicating something that’s contrary to what the pheromes are saying.

  4. Where have I been? I LOVE this post eventho I obviously do not relate to the gay male stuff! Smells or scents can really turn me on OR off.

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