Memorialize them with the Truth

There is no greater insult to the memories of our nation’s heros than to wonder if they fought and died in vain. Their willingness to give their lives, their future, their entire existence, is the greatest act of heroism. Their dutiful adherence to the chain of command is unwavering. I salute their bravery and thank them from my heart.

But if the war’s purpose is only to prove and demonstrate the power and oil interests of those who initiated the war, we need to know the truth. If the war was started to intimidate unruly nations and prove who’s in charge, our faithful defenders deserve to know the truth. If the war was started without solid evidence and just cause for it’s purpose, my anger turns to rage. Even if the political spin put on the Iraq war has some valid tone to it, the truth is, those kids didn’t have to die. Yes, Hussein was a despicable dictator. That’s not reason enough for the astronomical cost and countless lives lost.

When I see signs in my neighbors yards which seem to shout “SUPPORT OUR TROOPS”, I think, yes, let’s support them, let’s find out the truth. Let’s give them justice and truth. Let’s bring them home. It’s the least we can do for our heroes.

Demand the truth about the Downing Street Memo.
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