Hot Blair Memo

In case you haven’t heard yet, a British memo containing incriminating evidence against the Bush administration’s Iraq war was leaked a few weeks ago. It’s barely been covered by US media, probably because they’re intimidated by right wing pundits who rage against anything that’s not heavily right sided. The memo reports on a visit to Washington by the head of British intelligence.

It indicates the Bush administration decided in July, 2002 to overthrow Saddam Hussein and was determined to ensure the evidence supported those goals. In order to ensure the needed war, “the intelligence and evidence are being fixed around that policy”. Yes, you read that right. Remember, this was while the Bush administration still denied any intent to invade Iraq. Though the evidence was “thin” supporting Weapons of Mass Destruction, the administration was determined to “fix the evidence” to pursue that course. Isn’t that called lying? Haven’t thousands of Americans died for that lie? Aren’t we going to impeach him???

Blair has not denied the authenticity and veracity of the memo, and the Bush administration will not comment. Yet. You know what that means… “please make it go away, please please”. Of course, the cowed US media will stay cowed, and our mendacious administration will be emboldened to further destroy American credibility. But hey, all in a days work.

Apparently, several Democratic Congressmen are going to Britain to investigate Blair about all this. Umm, hello???

What the F— is going on here? It’s amazing this has failed to reach a mass American audience. I had no idea our “free” press was so hog tied. It’s pretty frightening, to be honest.

If you want to do something about this please go to It’s a quick, clear explanation of what this means and what you can do. Please, please spread this around. Copy the link and post it, or send it to friends. Unless you don’t mind living in a theocratic police state in the near future…

The full memo can be found here. A recent summary with lots of links can be seen here. The investigation by senior Democrats is described here.A candid in depth description of the complex issues involved can be found here.

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