Best Feel In Town

The other night I went to this new health spa, called “Cedars of Lebanon Health Spa”. I was in dire need of some R and R. I’ve been under some stress recently. With my Dad’s surgery, performing a difficult concert, buying a new (used) car (fun but stressful), being on a high stress committee for my job, fooling around way too much on the computer, I needed to stretch out and just take in some attention. So I went. I wasn’t far from my house. Maybe ten minutes. Parking was easy.

I walked in, and was immediately given personal attention. With a smile. Not just how are you, but what’s going on in your life, pretty much anything I wanted to talk about was par for the course. I felt special from the start. I’m thinking, this is OK.

After venting a bit about what was stressing me, which helps relieve it, I was led to a private room, where I stripped to shorts, lay on a comfortable bed, and got a very vigorous and warming massage, pretty much from head to foot. This guy’s hands could devine their way to the tensest, tightest, sorest parts of me. He used a wonderful pine scented oil, refreshing and relaxing. And I’m thinking, I could get used to this.

After that I was installed in a private jacuzzi, with soft candle light, eucalyptus oil, a glass of really wonderful wine, and peace and quiet. Ahhhh. I soaked for a good half hour, thoroughly enjoying the experience, thinking, what’s the catch? The billowing bubbles tickled every corner of my body, melting tension away. When I got out, I was treated to yet another quick massage, this time with a skin nourishing Vitamin E cream to baby my skin some more.

When I finally left, I thought to myself, this is an excellent place. Quality, class, detail. And the cost of joining was only the promise to return and enjoy more of that attention. Pretty miraculous! Hard to turn that down. Maybe I should read the fine print carefully before commiting.

So, what do you think? Should I join? The offer won’t last forever, that’s for sure. The Cedars of Lebanon Health Spa is now offering the Best Feel in Town, for a limited time only.