Sonnet For Alberta

I wrote this sonnet for my mother, Alberta, for her 81st birthday. Both my parents are amazing people. I often share them with friends.

Your grace and peace are infectious, glowing, light.
Your spirit, unconquerable, guides with unhindered freedom.
Maintaining regal poise, you’re a glamorous sight.
With efficiency of thought, of love, unhurried speed,
Your gentle acceptance of years betrays no fright,
While gumption and motion allow you to take a lead,
Living by example, not yielding so gently to night.
Planting sage advice, carefully as seeds,
Never judging, (save the rare, pointed word
To emphasize your opinion of how your son should look!).
Yet always, care and concern is shown for little birds,
God’s frail creatures, many, in time’s fragile brook.
The time I spend with you forms memories’ precious trove,
While I barely show you enough how full is my love.

Most of my poems are free form. Sonnets have a certain defined rhyme and rhythm. I enjoyed this challenge.

2 thoughts on “Sonnet For Alberta

  1. yes it is. look it up, it’s a Shakespearean sonnet. a-b-a-b- c-d-c-d- e-f-e-f- g-g. if you read it as you would speak casually, the pentameter is there. I read several Shakespeare sonnets, which often appear to have too many syllables, until read without halting at each word.

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